Air Sparge/Vacuum Capture (SpargeVac)

Bioremediation (BioVac)

Chemical Oxidation (OxyVac®)

Cut-Off or Semi-Permeable Barriers

Effluent Treatment

Free Product Recovery

Invasive Plant Eradication

Pump & Treat


Thermal Treatment (Six Phase Heating)

UST (Underground Storage Tank) Removal

Vapour Extraction and Treatment
Winner of Rushlight 2009 Land Environment Award
Winner of Ground Engineering Awards 2010 – Innovation Award
Winner of Brownfield Briefing Remediation Award 2008 – Most Innovative Remediation Method
Winner of Civils 2008 Innovation Award – Best New Innovative Service
Winner of Innovation Award for Remediation Technology 2009, See Awards page for more details

Contaminated Land & Groundwater Remediation

Terra Vac (UK) Ltd is one of the UK’s leading contaminated land and groundwater remediation specialists. Founded in the early 1990s, Terra Vac offer the full spectrum of environmental services, specialising in the in-situ cleanup of soils and groundwater using 'traditional' and 'leading edge' technologies, many of which have been developed in-house.

Projects undertaken range from minor localised spills or single site investigations, through design and installation of complex systems, to complete site decontamination using a variety of complementary technologies as required.

Services offered include site investigation, remedial equipment design and costing, project implementation and management, ongoing monitoring, liaison with authorities, through to final site handover.

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